Q. Do drug users work?
A. Yes, 71% of illegal drug users are employed. 90% of alcoholics work.
-National Institue on Drug Abuse

Q. Are drug users poor?
A. No, 65% of people who use drugs earn at least $25,000 a year and average 14 years of education.

Q. Is drug use a big city problem?
A. No, drug use is the same in urban, in suburban and in rural areas.
-Office for Substance Abuse Prevention

Q. Is drug use only a large business problem?
A. No, Substance abusers will go to small businesses to find jobs since 91% of large American businesses have substance abuse polices.
-Lynn Martin, Secretary of Labor, The National Report of Substance Abuse

Q. How much of the average work force has a substance abuse problem?
A. 15%-17%
-Bureau of Labor Statistics

Q. Do drug users take drugs on the job?
A. Yes, 75% of drug users seeking help revealed that they used drugs on the job
-National Cocaine Hotline

Q. Does drug use hurt job performance?
A. Yes, 64% of drug users seeking help revealed that drugs hurt their job performance.
-National Institue on Drug Abuse

Q. Do drug users sell drugs to co-workers?
A. Yes, 44% of drug users seeking help revealed that they sold drugs to co-workers.
-National Institue on Drug Abuse

Q. Is drug use a cause of theft in the work place?
A. Yes, 18% of drug users seeking help revealed that they stole from co-works to support their habits.
-National Institue on Drug Abuse

Q. Is drug use in my industry?
A. Construction 20.6%, Finance 14.6%, Repair 19.9%, Professionalism 11.0%, Wholesale 15.5%, Transportation 13.2%, Manufacturing 15.2%, Retail 19.7%, Personal Services 19.3%
-NIDA Household Survey

Q. Do drug users incur more medical costs?
A. Yes, 300% more
-U.S. Department of Labor

Q. Do drug users make more workers compensation claims?
A. Yes, five times more than a non-substance abuser.
-National Council on Compensation Insurane.

Q. Do drug users have problems with attendance?
A. Yes, Substance abusers are responsible for 35% of all absenteeism and absent 10 times more often.

Q.Does drug use affect productivity?
A. Yes, The Average substance abuser performs at 67% of potential.
The effect of substance abuse on productivity represents the largest single controllable cost of any orgainization, public or private.
-Wright and Wright, "Creating and Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace".

Q. Does drug use cause more injuries in the work place?
A. Yes, 47% industrial injuries, 40% industrial deaths and 5 times more likely to injure themselves or another at work.
-Bernstein and Mahney, Occupational Medicine.
For workers under the age of 44, 54% of unintentional work-related deaths such as falls, electrocutions and vehicle crashes involved an employee who tested postitive for drugs and/or alcohol.
-Bureau of Labor Statistics

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